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Welcome to GastroSoul!

My name is Marianne Tshihamba and I’ve been an event planner for over 20 years and traveled to over 30 countries, collecting friends and recipes along the way. My love of food and travel started as a child, having moved with my family to the US from Congo. Washington DC is my adoptive home and a perfect place to feed my foodie addiction. I can trace my love of travel back when I was a kid growing up in DC.


I remember spending hours going through our family’s copy of Fodor’s Europe with my brothers. We read page after page, and talked about all of the attractions we planned on visiting when we grew up. 

Of all the stories about foreign travel I read, the one that jumped out at me was the description of herring trucks in Amsterdam.  As I said, I’m originally from Congo, so I was no stranger to  exotic food. However, the idea of people lining up to a food truck to eat raw fish rolled in chopped onions blew my mind! I knew right then I would have to try it. Fast forward 30 years to the first of many trips to Amsterdam, I was eating raw herring and fulfilling the promise I made to myself as child.

After so many years of  chasing flavors and making friends all over the world, I am delighted to share my experiences with you!

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