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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

If you like smoked salmon, you'll LOVE gravlax, its Scandinavian cured cousin. So delicious and so easy to make!

Ingredients 2 salmon filets, skin on 4 large bunches if fresh dill ½ cup sugar ½ cup sea salt White pepper

Method Mix salt and sugar together, set aside. Line a non-metal bowl with a generous layer of dill. Sprinkle one salmon filet with white pepper. Sprinkle one third of the salt/sugar mixture onto the dill in the bowl. Place the peppered salmon, skin side up, on the dill. Cover with another generous layer of dill. Sprinkle with the 2nd third of the salt/pepper mixture. Sprinkle the 2nd salmon filet with white pepper and place it skin side down on the dill. Cover with the remaining dill and salt and pepper mixture. Place a flat plate over the salmon and heavy weight on top of the plate. I use my marble mortar and pestle, but any clean weight is fine. Refrigerate for three days, draining the liquid and flipping the the salmon each day. Once cured, rinse the filets with cool water, slice paper-thin and enjoy!

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