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Spring Ramp Quiche

Updated: May 19, 2021

Wild Ramp Quiche

Ramps are only available for a short time in the early spring so I like to take full advantage of them when I can. This quiche showcases their delicious earthy flavor.


1 bunch of ramps with the white bulbs chopped up and the greens separated. (

1.5 cup of shredded gruyere cheese (any meltable nutty cheese would be great like a swiss)

1.5 cup of heavy cream

1 pre-made pie crust

salt and pepper

4 large eggs

1 tbsp butter

pinch of nutmeg


Preheat the oven to 375F and line a deep pie pan with the pie crust.

In a skillet melt the butter and and sizzle the white bulbs until slightly brown. Add in the green leaves of the ramps until wilted.

In a bowl whisk the eggs, nutmeg, salt and pepper, and heavy cream together.

Place half the ramps and cheese in the pie pan, cover with the egg mixture and top with the remaining cheese and ramps.

Bake at 375 for 40 minutes. Let it rest for about 10 minutes before serving.

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